Day 18

Wednesday won’t go away…

Katie’s hair has twists on the top to vary the look from a standard half up pony tail. She also had a little bit of wave in her style, which can be amplified with a simple curling spritz like Peace, Love and The Planet’s Totally Beachin’ Spray.

Crystal wanted to go no-nonsense today. She put up her hair in a messy topknot and pinned up her fringe. You can barley notice her crazy peacock colored hair, which is a great for someone who likes to be a chameleon with their looks.

Brooke and Kelly are back to taking their photos together, but switching up the background. Kelly has a half up/half down look while Brooke is rocking a long curly side braid. Brooke’s curls will hold all day thanks to the Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Booster. Nice looks ladies!

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